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In these policies:

  • “Cosplay” refers to the special event known as Costume Play

  • “P.P.E” refers to the Ptarmicon Policy Enforcement department.

  • “Ptarmicon” refers to the Ptarmicon convention.

  • “Ptarmicon Staff” refers to the Ptarmicon planning committee, and Ptarmicon staff members.

  • “Attendee” refers to the individual attending Ptarmicon and agreeing to these convention policies.

  • “Prop” refers to any item used by an attendee to enhance their costume that is not a weapon like prop or a weapon.

  • “Prop resembling a non-realistic weapon” refers to any prop meant to resemble a weapon, but that would not be mistaken for a dangerous item by a casual observer at any distance.

  • “Weapon Like Prop” refers to any prop that can be mistaken for a weapon by a casual observer at any distance.

  • “Weapon” refers to any item that is designed to cause injury, intimidation or death, anything a person uses or intends to use to cause injury, intimidation or death, or any item that is made predominately out of metal on its impact end.

  • “Badge” refers to the Ptarmicon attendee proof of admission.


Rules of Etiquette

  • All patrons are required to dress appropriately and with decency while at Ptarmicon, this includes wearing shoes.

  • Food and drinks are only permitted in designated areas.  Please ensure you clean up after yourself.

  • Ensure that at Ptarmicon, and events, you do not act in a disruptive way to others enjoying the experience.

  • Pictures and video recording are allowed at Ptarmicon, however when taking pictures or videos of individuals or individuals’ merchandise ensure you get their permission first.

  • Be friendly and respectful to all your fellow attendees, Ptarmicon staff, and Ptarmicon onlookers; this includes avoiding harassment of any form.

  • Respect your environment and be careful not to damage your surroundings.

  • Do not bring ‘Prohibited Items’ to Ptarmicon, and ensure ‘Restricted Items’ are handled as laid out in these policies.

  • Ensure your Ptarmicon badge is always clearly visible for Ptarmicon staff members, and that you are prepared with government issue photo identification for entry into age-restricted events.

  • Be responsible with your props, ensuring they are being handled in a manner that is not of danger to yourself or others.

  • Ptarmicon is not its own country, ensure you abide by all municipal, territorial, and federal laws and bylaws

  • Please keep make sure you have proper hygiene by showering and wearing deodorant.

Minors at Ptarmicon

  • Any patron 12 years old or younger must be accompanied by a responsible patron, aged 18 years or older.

  • A patron 8 to 12 years old may be accompanied by a responsible immediate family member aged 15 years or older

  • Accompanied means that the responsible patron must be within 3 metres (10 feet) at all times.

  • The responsible patron is responsible for all actions of the younger patron.  If the younger patron is in violation of any policy, both parties will have the same consequence up to and including expulsion from the event.


Prohibited Items

  • Intoxicating Substances: any intoxicating items such as beer, wine, liquor, drugs or narcotics.

  • Any item that may cause a mess: Silly string, filled water guns, water balloons, etc

  • Explosives: Firecrackers, caps, fireworks, etc

  • Inappropriate Signs: any signs that are deemed inappropriate or offer products or services for solicitation, financial gain, physical act, or otherwise.

  • Weapon Like Prop: any prop that can be mistaken for a weapon by a casual observer at any distance.

  • Weapons: any item that is designed to cause injury, intimidation or death, anything a person uses or intends to use to cause injury, intimidation or death, or any item that is made predominately out of metal on its impact end.


Restricted Items

  • Props resembling non-realistic weapons are only allowed for use during the Cosplay Contest.

  • Props resembling non-realistic weapons MUST be transported to Ptarmicon in a proper container (i.e., kept in a box or wrapped in a cloth or bag), until they are inspected by Ptarmicon personnel.

  • Once inspected by Ptarmicon personal the non-realistic weapon will be ‘peace-bonded’ indicating that the item has been inspected and the owner will only use the item for peaceful purposes.

  • Purchased items:

  • Any item purchased at Ptarmicon once removed from their packaging are regarded the same as any item brought to Ptarmicon.  For example prohibited items may be grounds for expulsion.


Policy Violation Consequences & Exceptions

  • If for whatever reason Ptarmicon Staff deems that an attendee has contravened any of the above ‘Rules of Etiquette’ this can result in any of the following relevant repercussions at the discretion of Ptarmicon Staff:

  • A stern lecture.

  • Requested removal of violating personal property from Ptarmicon.

  • Confiscation of violating personal property.

  • Attendee expulsion from participation in the specific event with no refund.

  • Attendee expulsion from Ptarmicon in its entirety with no refund.

  • Banning attendee from future Ptarmicon events.

  • Notification of appropriate legal governing authorities.

  • Two Strike Policy: You may get one warning for minor offences at the discretion of the Ptarmicon staff.  This will result in a hole punch in your badge.  If the staff feel that you are abusing the ‘right’ to one minor offence for ‘free’ they may choose to expel you from the event immediately.

  • With respect to some events Ptarmicon Convention Policies may be temporarily overridden for participants of that event. The only persons that may authorize this override are: Ptarmicon President, Ptarmicon Vice-President, Ptarmicon Operations Manager, and P.P.E Head.


Dress Code

  • Bikini-level outfits are the maximum level skin that should be showing; thongs are not allowed.

  • Ptarmicon Staff reserve the right to deem any attire or costume inappropriate for both decency or safety reasons and request the wearer to either change or make modifications as necessary.

  • If you are unsure if a planned costume is appropriate please contact us ahead of time.


Photo Release

  • Ptarmicon Staff may take pictures and record video of Ptarmicon attendees at Ptarmicon during some events. All pictures and videos used for Ptarmicon marketing will be deemed as appropriate to the convention by Ptarmicon Staff before use.

  • Attendees may take pictures of video of other attendees in a respectful manner. This includes

  • Getting permission of the person to be photographed.  If attendee is a minor permission from parent must be obtained.

  • Not obstructing pathways or events.

  • Prohibited photography

  • Any upskirt, downblouse or any other form of photography that might sexulizes the attendee model.



  • Ptarmicon and school property are smoke-free grounds.  Please exit the property before smoking and clean up after yourselves.


Ptarmicon Release of Liability

  • Ptarmicon, Ptarmicon Staff, and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury any attendee may experience while attending Ptarmicon or otherwise.


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