Thawcon 2018 Update

The date is fast approaching - March 3- and we are working hard to give you the winter break that you deserve. Some things are set and some are still in flux, so here is all that we know we know, and some we think we know.

March 2nd
Entry fee: $3 
Set-up will be from 5-8 in the Lynx room at the Nova Hotel. If you would like to give us a hand, please let us know. We will be setting up tables, chairs and video games. After 8pm, the site will open to those 19+ and we will have the bar open. There is nothing scheduled for Friday night as of now, just a time to enjoy a game with your friends. That being said if you would like to run anything, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate. We have the place and the bartender until 1am

March 3rd 
Entry fee: $5

Doors are open 10 til' 8 for all ages; and after 8 it is 19+ again.


MTG Commander tournament will start at 10:30. This will be pods of 4 with a point system. The point system will be out soon .

RPGs will be running all day. Registration will open soon for these. We have space for RPGs so if you want to run one let us know.

There will be an open space for table top gaming: 40K, X-wing, Blood Bowl, or whatever you fancy

MTG Modern will start at 3:00

We will have a board game library for all attendees to access throughout the day. If you would like to run a session of your newest or favourite game we can reserve you a table and add you to the schedule.

The outer lounge area will be set aside for video game play throughout the event. There will be multiple systems running a bunch of tournaments.

At 9pm will will be running a MTG draft. Preregistration will required.

We are always looking volunteers for these events. This year it is mostly at the door. They can be short shifts to give the board members a break and if you bring a friend and a game to the registration, it's like you are not really working at all!